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KORE Insights Webinar Recap: Mastering CRM for Sports Sales and Sponsorship

KORE Insights Webinar Recap: Mastering CRM for Sports Sales and Sponsorship

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  • On April 18, 2017
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In case you missed it, Russell Scibetti, VP of Product Strategy at KORE Software, led our second KORE Customer Insights webinar of 2017 with guest speakers from some of the top data strategy and analytics leaders Major League Soccer, including Ryan Bishara, Director of Corporate Partnership Strategy at LAFC, Brett Broich, Manager of Database Analytics at LAFC, and Christopher Bromley, Manager of Business Intelligence at Vacouver Whitecaps FC.


Webinar Headshots_Mastering CRM_Ryan Bishara.png

Ryan Bishara
Director, Corporate Partnership Strategy


Webinar Headshots_Mastering CRM_Brett Broich.png

Brett Broich
Manager, Database Analytics


Webinar Headshots_Mastering CRM_Chris Bromley.png

Christopher Bromley
Manager, Business Intelligence

Vancouver Whitecaps FC

Benefits of Cross-Collaboration Between Ticketing and Sponsorship Groups


  1. Sponsorship constantly leverages the growth and size of our consumer base to influence sponsors. For example:
    • Deposits count
    • Premium Inventory Sell-Through
    • Demographics & Socioeconomic statistics
  2. Ownership, Executive Team, and Marketing view pipelines to:
    • Plan resource/hiring growth
    • Find ways to support pitch process
    • Evaluate category exhaustion

Vancouver Whitecaps

  1. Identify Hands-off Contacts: Sponsors clearly identified in Ticketing module
  2. Benefits of integrating additional department:
    Soccer Development (Camps & Academies)

    • Data previously siloed: inefficient cross selling (batch and blast)
  3. Able to align touchpoints w/o overwhelming customers with calls and emails from multiple business units

Audience Poll: Do you currently use CRM for Ticket Sales, Sponsorship, or Both?

Ticket Sales Only
Sponsorship Only
Both Ticketing and Sponsorship

Top Methods for Driving User Adoption


  • Complete buy-in and reinforcement from the top
  • Hire the right leadership who understands the value of reporting and analysis that come from accurate data
  • Managing reports in real time and on a day-to-day basis, and having executives expect real-time reports encourages users to keep data up-to-date

Vancouver Whitecaps

  • Assigned departmental champions: made part of their job description and performance eval
  • Dedicated CRM Administrator
  • Salesforce Chatter (groups & following)
  • Managers and Sales reps use same reports in CRM to measure success
  • Policy generation: clearly defined processes and expectations

What Went Into Your Decision for a CRM Partner?


  • Needed a true partner willing to build and innovate together
  • Customer network to share best practices with other sports organizations
  • Full slate of solutions that covers each department’s needs
  • Industry Expertise

Vancouver Whitecaps

  • Needed a true CRM, not just Marketing Automation tools
  • Importance of being cloud based
  • Flexibility: Existing API integrations with existing partners (i.e. TM, Formstack, Turnkey, Skidata)
  • Partnering: We’re a sports club not a developer. We need to focus on using the tools we have, not making them.
  • Deciding on where we wanted CRM to live departmentally.

Audience Poll: What CRM platform do you currently use?


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