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Evaluate is a sophisticated partnership evaluation system that measures performance and calculates the impact of your investments on business growth.
Partnership Analysis
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Evaluate is a sophisticated partnership evaluation system that measures performance and calculates the impact of investments on your business growth.
Partnership Analysis

Whether you're sponsoring a local street fair or a sold-out stadium, compare performance, maximize returns, and demonstrate value to your partners.

Evaluate provides a unique measurement framework that weighs and compares sponsorship performance. Determine which opportunities are worth pursuing, set measurable goals, benchmark activations, and ensure maximum value.

Compare Performance

Unify diverse data from across your entire partnership portfolio and apply universal metrics to evaluate and benchmark performance.

Prove Value

Robust real-time reporting and analytic tools allow you to easily demonstrate the value of your investments to partners and executives.

Invest Smarter

Identify both high-and-under performing partnerships with automated insights to make smarter investments.

Value at Every Stage of the Partnership Lifecycle

The most comprehensive platform of solutions designed to unlock your brand’s potential and give your team the tools they need to invest strategically and maximize returns. Individually powerful, together unstoppable.


Find the right partnerships for your business, faster. With a streamlined sponsorship application portal that centralizes, filters and highlights requests catered to your business needs.


Revolutionize your asset management system. With a best-in-class activation platform, effectively manage and track your sponsorship assets to maximize the performance of your investments.

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Understand the impact sponsorship investments have on your business’ bottom line. Compare sponsorship performance, maximize returns, and easily demonstrate value.

Evaluate Business Impact

Data-driven evaluation frameworks designed to inform you. Know which partnerships are aligned with your organization’s objectives and contributing to your growth.

Leverage Key Engagement Metrics

Find metrics that matter in categories like consumers, community, brand power, and employee engagement. Better understand where your brand is making an impact and tell the right story with enriched insights.

Executive Reporting

Quickly demonstrate value to partners and executives with pre-built or custom reporting, depending on your businesses’ needs. Easily accessible reports allow for proactive communication so you can accelerate action and capitalize on the right opportunities.

Benchmark Performance

Measure and compare performance across your entire investment portfolio using universal measurement metrics that uniquely demonstrate return on objectives and investment for each of your partnerships.

KORE Planning and Insights (KPI)

The Best Team of Engagement Experts

When you leverage KORE’s team of expert consultants, you will get exclusive industry insights, trends and best-practices to help your brand unlock its full potential.

Time to Start Optimizing. Activating. Engaging.

Time to Start Optimizing. Activating. Engaging.

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