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We Help You Create Fans

In our media saturated world, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to gain and keep consumers’ attention. What the sports business has known for decades—an idea that is now a cornerstone of present-day marketing—is that nothing is more valuable than a passionately engaged consumer: a fan. A consumer is aware of a brand—a fan is someone who passionately cares about and values the relationship with a brand. Brands want as many fans as possible.


Fan relationships are complex and challenging to acquire, retain, and develop for mutual benefit.  KORE addresses these challenges and complexities of fan engagement with solutions that drive insights, action, and engagement.

About KORE

KORE Software is the global leader in sports and entertainment business management solutions. Our applications help more than 100 Major League teams and 200 universities worldwide harness valuable customer and partner data –  including preferences and behaviors – to create valuable insights, and turn those insights into pow­erful revenue-generating action.

From ticketing and fan engagement to sponsorship to managing suites and premium offerings, KORE offers a complete team of applications that drives sales, streamlines business processes, and takes profitability to a whole new level.

More R&D investment than any competitor

KORE invests more than 35 percent of its operating budget back into product research and development

Software as a Service business model

Our cloud-based service ensures top-notch security, performance, and reliability

Expansive customer network

We draw on more than a decade’s experience working with sports and entertainment customers in the field. In fact, many of our employees started out as customers

Six-week implementation

KORE’s implementation team works closely with you and your staff to make sure the system is installed and configured correctly and all of your staff is trained and comfortable

Invested in your success

A dedicated team of experienced analysts who oversee account management, strategic consulting, reporting and analytics for all KORE customers.

Integrated System

KORE’s applications integrate with any data sources. Choose from one of our 30+ pre-built integrations, or have us develop one custom for you

Integration Partners

Meet our CoFounders

Matt Sebal
CEO and Co-Founder

Matt Sebal is Co-Founder and CEO of KORE. As CEO, Matt sets the vision and direction for KORE. He is responsible for driving our purpose –...


Todd Cusolle
President and Co-Founder

Todd Cusolle is Co-Founder and President of KORE. He is currently focusing on expanding KORE Software’s solutions to the global media and entertainment industry...


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