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Trusted business intelligence consulting and staff augmentation.
KORE Planning & Insights
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Trusted business intelligence consulting and staff augmentation.
KORE Planning & Insights

Industry expertise, global intelligence, and a statistical approach to key insights. Experts dedicated to accelerating your organization.

KORE Planning and Insights (KPI) services are available to companies of all sizes and industry segments, regardless of what ticketing, point of sale, marketing automation or other technology platforms you currently use.  KPI addresses challenges from objective strategy and reporting to technology adaptation and long-term planning.

Having worked with more than 100 professional teams and brands specializing in consumer and partnership data, we are uniquely positioned with the skills and experience to help brands, teams, colleges, governing bodies and arts & entertainment organizations drive their business intelligence strategy.

Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics

Your data is powerful. But it can be even more powerful with our strategic analysis tools. Leverage our frameworks for lead scoring, retention modeling, fan analysis, and forecasting to help you predict outcomes and better position your business for the future.

Establish and evaluate sponsorship objectives and set goals against them with tools designed to help you evaluate what activations are meeting your business needs and where there’s room for growth.

Custom Reporting and Visualization

Advanced, automated reports aggregate your data and provide valuable context so your team can make smarter data-driven decisions.

Utilize reports designed to support a variety of objectives including email marketing analysis, ticketing services, digital analysis, sponsorship overviews, fan engagement, and many other ROO & ROI initiatives. 

Partnership and Consumer Analysis

By integrating data on your fanbase and target objectives, we help identify the companies that are most likely to benefit from a partnership with your organization. The insight from this analysis  guides your strategic planning and sales outreach activity.

Business Intelligence Strategy

Leverage a team of industry experts who understand your business and have the resources to revolutionize your strategy across CRM, ticketing, customer engagement, BI, marketing, and more.

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Time to Start Optimizing. Activating. Engaging.

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