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The only platform where you can track, manage, and optimize every detail of your partnerships.
The only platform where you can track, manage, and optimize all of your partnerships.
The Better
Way to Partner
The Better
Way to Partner

Power Every Stage of Your Partnership Lifecycle

Over the past 22 years, we listened to the sponsorship challenges of the biggest brands and sports teams; transparency, data chasing, performance measurements, and clear return on objectives.

As the industry’s leading experts we developed a single partnership platform that cuts the noise, connects the right data and insights, and helps generate meaningful returns easier and faster. Our new Portfolio Optimization Platform is here to save your day.

As the business evolves, choose from game-changing modules that you can add on based on where support is needed.

KORE’s Portfolio Optimization Platform​

Our platform is the new standard for managing, measuring and optimizing your portfolio all in one place.
Gain clarity on what's working, and fix what isn't.

Centralize Every Partnership

Aggregate key information about each partner – like spend, contact details, objectives, and categorization – into a secure, single source of truth. 

• Unify partnership details
• View portfolio allocation insights
• Integrate social data
Capture objectives & key results

  • Powered with Hookit

Explore Benchmarks & Market Intel

Research global and competitor benchmarks, prospects, best practices, and market intel with access to KORE’s industry leading dataset.

• Discovery & prospect research
• Brand benchmarking
• Topic analysis
• Market intel

Find the Right Partners

Accept, score, review, and act on internal and external partnership proposals.

• Brand your application submission portal
• Customize weighting & scoring
• Automatically compare requests
• Use data-driven dashboards

Get More Out of Every Asset

Organize and manage assets, deliverables, tasks, events, and deadlines to maximize deal performance with our best-in-class activation platform.  

Asset & event utilization
Standardized asset taxonomy 
• Performance reporting
Tasks & deliverables 

Drive More Valuable Partnerships

Analyze the impact of partnerships via trusted evaluation frameworks and aggregation of disparate data sets. 

Aggregate data with a custom data portal & 100+ APIs
• Measure performance across key metrics
• Demonstrate progress towards objectives
• Modernize partner recaps with scorecards

  • Powered with Hookit

Quantify & Control Social Media Value

Measure, optimize, and report the true value of how your social activations work for you.

• Analyze partner owned & ​earned social exposure
Benchmark performance & optimize​ with insights
• Capture brand exposure & measure valuation
• Discover trending topics & audience demographics

Harness Data to Power Better Decisions

Supercharge your team’s decision making when your data plus our data sits at the heart of your everyday work.​

KORE Planning and Insights (KPI)

The Best Team of Engagement Experts

When you leverage KORE’s team of expert consultants, you will get exclusive industry insights, trends and best-practices to help your brand unlock its full potential.

Partnership Optimization Activation Engagement Starts Here.

Partnership Optimization Activation Engagement Starts Here.

Let's talk about how your team can gain exceptional value from KORE's deep and connected ecosystem.