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Accept, review, score, and act on partnership proposals.
Find the Right Partners
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Accept, review, score, and act on partnership proposals.
Find the Right Partners

With endless sponsorship opportunities to choose from, how do you identify the best fit?

Intake is an application portal and a dynamic management platform that collects and scores proposals based on your unique business needs so you can find the best partnerships for long-term success.

Find The Right Match

Customize your application portal to identify requests that align with your business objectives.

Improve Sponsorship Returns

Automatically surface the information you need to find the sponsorships that improve return on investment.

Better User Experience

Get stronger submissions and provide a better user experience with a branded application portal that clearly outlines guidelines. 

Value at Every Stage of the Partnership Lifecycle

The most comprehensive platform of solutions designed to unlock your brand’s potential and give your team the tools they need to invest strategically and maximize returns. Individually powerful, together unstoppable.


Aggregate key information about each partner – like spend, contact details, and objectives - into a secure, single source of truth.


Explore global and competitor benchmarks, best practices, and market intel and apply them to your partnership strategy to optimize performance.

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Accept, review, score, and act on partnership proposals that support your unique business objectives and improve partnership returns.


Make partnership assets and activation metrics easily accessible and trackable from one spot to improve collaboration and performance.

Evaluate Social

Measure, optimize, and report on your social media activation strategies in near-time to maximize value of your investments.

Evaluate Omni

Drive more valuable partnerships by collecting the data you need to assess performance against key metrics and quantifying ROI.

Brand Your Application Portal

Collect the information your business needs to make the right partnership decisions with a branded portal and tailored application.

  • Send everyone interested in a partnership to your branded application portal.

  • Select scoring criteria in 4 easy steps.


Customize Weighting & Scoring

Leverage a self-configured a weighting system to automatically score each application based on your business objectives and find the most qualified opportunities.

Automatically Compare Requests

Find the best matching proposals by establishing cost per point. Cost per point combines an application’s score with the investment cost to further assess if the opportunity is a good one.  

  • Qualify applications based on your needs.

  • Easily view submission types to select the right mix of partnerships.


Use Data-Driven Dashboards

Effectively manage large volumes of applications and quickly view the scores of diverse opportunities, to eliminate the guess work in choosing partners. 

KORE Planning and Insights (KPI)

The Best Team of Engagement Experts

When you leverage KORE’s team of expert consultants, you will get exclusive industry insights, trends and best-practices to help your brand unlock its full potential.

Partnership Optimization Activation Engagement Starts Here.

Partnership Optimization Activation Engagement Starts Here.

Let's talk about how your team can gain exceptional value from KORE's deep and connected ecosystem.