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A streamlined application management system, that centralizes, scores, and approves partnership requests based on your personalized business needs.​
Find the Right Partners
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A streamlined application management system that centralizes, scores, and approves partnership requests based on your personalized business needs.​
Find the Right Partners

With endless amounts of sponsorship opportunities to choose from, organizations tend to miss out on the right ones.

So how do you filter the “good” vs. “bad” opportunities? Intake is the answer. A streamlined application management system that makes it easy to find the right partnerships, faster.  Allowing organizations to filter and rank submissions based on the criteria of their choice.

Find The Right Match

Customize your application portal to identify requests that align with your business objectives.

Improve Sponsorship Returns

Automatically surface the information you need to filter for the sponsorships that improve returns and align with your business goals

Better User Experience

Get stronger submissions and provide a better experience for future partners with a branded application portal that clearly outlines guidelines and expectations.

Value at Every Stage of the Partnership Lifecycle

The most comprehensive platform of solutions designed to unlock your brand’s potential and give your team the tools they need to invest strategically and maximize returns. Individually powerful, together unstoppable.

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Find the right partnerships for your business, faster. With a streamlined sponsorship application portal that centralizes, filters and highlights requests catered to your business needs.


Revolutionize your asset management system. With a best-in-class activation platform, effectively manage and track your sponsorship assets to maximize the performance of your investments.


Understand the impact sponsorship investments have on your business’ bottom line. Compare sponsorship performance, maximize returns, and easily demonstrate value.

Customizable Application Portal

Branded to reflect your business, Intake streamlines and tailors application submissions to collect information tailored to your business need. Easily score and find the most qualified opportunities. 

Quickly Manage Submissions

Streamline every request with robust automation that captures critical information where you need it most.

Easily Review and Compare Requests

Filter applications automatically and apply weighting and scoring that matches your key business objectives.

Support Sponsorships at Scale

Effectively handle large volumes of sponsorship applications and customize guidelines based on region or team needs.

KORE Planning and Insights (KPI)

The Best Team of Engagement Experts

When you leverage KORE’s team of expert consultants, you will get exclusive industry insights, trends and best-practices to help your brand unlock its full potential.

Time to Start Optimizing.Activating. Engaging.

Time to Start Optimizing. Activating. Engaging.

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