2023 Sponsorship Governance Series: Part 3; FAQs & Key Components

FAQs to Understanding Sponsorship Governance 

Use these FAQs and key components to gain a clear understanding of the basics of Sponsorship Governance.  

What is the definition of sponsorship governance? 

Sponsorship governance can be defined as the framework that governs the planning, implementation, and evaluation of sponsorships within an organization. It encompasses the processes, structures, and policies that guide sponsorship decisions and activities. 

What is the role of sponsorship governance in managing sponsorships effectively?  

Sponsorship governance plays a pivotal role in managing sponsorships effectively. It provides a structured approach to identify and evaluate sponsorship opportunities, select the most suitable partners, and define the terms and conditions of the sponsorship agreements. Additionally, it ensures compliance with legal and ethical standards, manages conflicts of interest, and facilitates ongoing monitoring and evaluation of sponsorships.

What are the key components of sponsorship governance? 

Effective sponsorship governance involves several key components. These include: 

  • Governance Structure: Establishing a clear governance structure with defined roles and responsibilities for sponsorship decision-making and oversight. 
  • Policies and Guidelines: Developing comprehensive sponsorship policies and guidelines that outline the organization’s objectives, criteria for sponsor selection, evaluation mechanisms, and ethical considerations. 
  • Accountability and Transparency: Ensuring accountability and transparency in the sponsorship process through clear reporting and disclosure mechanisms. 
  • Monitoring and Evaluation: Implementing mechanisms to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of sponsorships, including key performance indicators (KPIs) and regular reporting. 
  • Stakeholder Engagement: Engaging relevant stakeholders, both internal and external, in the sponsorship governance process to gather insights, build relationships, and enhance decision-making. 
  • Effective Communication Channels: for collaboration between the sponsorship team and other relevant departments. 
  • A Centralized Management System: Find ideal matches using a weighted scoring system based on governance policies and guidelines and generate reports for full transparency. 
  • Metrics and Measurement Mechanisms: to assess the success and impact of sponsorships through, ideally in a centralized management system like Intake  
How do I begin building a sponsorship governance framework for my organization?  

To start get the framework started it is recommended to: 

What tools or resources can aid in effectively managing sponsorship governance? Various tools and resources can assist in managing sponsorship governance effectively, such as: 

  • Sponsorship management software platforms like Activate or Evaluate for tracking and evaluating sponsorship activities.
  • Templates and guidelines for sponsorship agreements, performance metrics, and reporting.
  • Industry publications, case studies, and best practice guides for staying updated on sponsorship trends and strategies.
  • Collaboration tools and project management software for streamlining communication and task management within the sponsorship team. 

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