Cut Through the Noise to Find the Right Sponsorships with the Latest Intake Features

 Way Too Many Sponsorship Applications in Your Email 

We’ve heard the horror stories. Email inboxes inundated with hundreds of sponsorship requests – 90-99% of which are denied. That’s a lot of noise. Accepting submissions via email, though, is highly inefficient because…well, when is email ever the most efficient way to ingest or visualize anything?    

Right now, most brands and agencies manually review each submission to determine next season’s sponsors, which is time consuming and ultimately means inconsistencies or missed opportunities. 

 Intake’s NEW Scoring, Weighting, & Reporting Features

Through our work with brands, we’ve discovered that only about 10% of applications submitted move to the next stage in the selection process. Intake’s new scoring and weighting features help identify that 10% more easily. 

The new features automate the process of weighting questions and answers to calculate a final score. With scored applications, it’s easy to compare opportunities and highlight the best matching ones that align with business strategy and objectives.  

  • Scoring & Weighting Configuration: Intake provides a decision-making framework and a user-friendly interface to self-configure a weighting system used to score each application.  
  • Establish Cost per Point: Cost per point combines an application’s score with the cost of the investment. The purpose of this metric is to further asses the likelihood that the opportunity is a good one.


  • Visualization, Reporting, & Benchmarking: End-users can view average scores, high/low scores, and which scores are strategic via reports and dashboards. Visualizing each application’s score and analyzing across all or a subset of submissions highlights viability. Comparing apples-to-apples, even between diverse opportunities, eliminates the guess work in choosing partnerships.


Cut Through the Noise to Find the Right Sponsorships, Faster

The first step in maximizing sponsorship returns is choosing the right sponsorships that contribute to your business’ objectives. With Intake’s new features, you get the most intelligent weighting, scoring, and reporting capabilities on the market to automatically identify the best opportunities based on your unique business needs. Eliminating the manual work of reviewing every application saves you time and effort that you could spend improving portfolio strategy and partner relationships.

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Partnership Optimization Activation Engagement Starts Here.

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