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KORE Software Data Warehouse & Analytics™

Tap into the power of all your data in one place

An integrated, centralized data warehouse for your historical and real-time data

How much of your customer and sponsor data do you have? How much can—and do—you use? Most organizations accumulate large volumes of historical and real-time data, but barely scratch the surface of this powerful resource. While most data warehouses place your data into yet another silo with a single gate keeper, KORE DWA unlocks your data by enabling you, and your team, to view all of your insights and take action on them directly from your CRM.

Remove silos between data sources

No more data stuck in silos. All of your data—ticketing and sponsorship, CRM, and more—in one data repository makes data a part of everyday sales and service. Data at your fingertips means additional insight that you can use to surprise and delight fans and sponsors with above-and-beyond service. Data deduplication means that you always have a clear view of who, what, and why.

Pre-built integrations to get up and running faster

Integrating your data into a central repository is easier than you ever imagined. Pre-built schemas and integration processes enable easier data source management.

Insights that lead to action

Gain insight and immediately take action to engage customers and sponsors with all of your data and CRM tools in one place. Know what your customers want before they know, and gain the power to act predictively to provide immediate, exceptional experiences for fans and brands.

Engage consumers and sponsors at an individual level with strategies and tactics based on actual relationship history and activity tracking

Create highly visual Tableau reports and dashboards to gain a 360-degree view of your business, for sales, executives, data scientists, and more
Create KORE Key Identity records for all of your customers, both known and anonymous, for more effective data capture and tracking, to develop a more customer-centric operation
Clean, de-duplicated data that presents a single version of your fan’s enagement
Feed more accurate qualified leads directly into the hands of sales teams to help them engage more effectively
Top-notch security and performance in a cloud-based system

KORE Software's applications are powerful alone, but they're even better together

Ticketing & Fan Engagement platform integrates will all our tools to enhance organizational transparency and efficiency.

KORE Sponsorship & Partner Engagement

KORE Ticketing & Fan Engagement

KORE Suites & Premium

Manage your sponsorship sales, inventory, and activation efforts

On its own, Sponsorship & Partner Engagement is the industry’s most powerful tool to manage your corporate partnership efforts from top to bottom. And when you connect it to the other KORE Software applications, you’ll have an entirely new level of cross-department communication and transparency.

Leverage the insights from your fan and ticketing data to provide more value to your partners and better align your activation efforts. Plus, eliminate cross-selling mishaps by allowing the ticket sales team to view when a fan is associated with a partner brand, and much more.

Deepen your fan relationships and streamline your sales processes

Understanding your fans and knowing how to engage them deeper is the heartbeat of live entertainment. By connecting Ticketing & Fan Engagement to the other KORE Software applications you’ll gain a holistic view of your consumers to help drive sales.

With Ticketing & Fan Engagement you can connect your ticketing data directly to your CRM via API and keep a real-time pulse on all your outbound sales efforts. Slice and dice your consumer data to garner more ticket, premium and sponsorship sales.

Manage your suites, premium inventory sales, and VIP relationships

Premium sales operations lie somewhere between your ticket sales and sponsorship sales. For the one division that requires the ability to track both fan and corporate partner relationships while managing club seats or suites inventory, there is our Suites & Premium application.

Understand the full scope of your fan and partner engagement by connecting Suites & Premium to our Ticketing & Fan Engagement application and our Sponsorship & Partner Engagement application. Utilize an interactive seat map to track your inventory availability while enjoying the same deal creation and contract management tools used in our sponsorship platform.