Empower Automated Customer Journeys By Syncing Golden Records to Your CRM


In April, we launched Helix—our new fan intelligence platform built to unify first-party fan data across disparate sources. It standardizes, cleans, and enriches data to provide a single customer record at your fingertips. With a simple user interface and drag and drop functionality, non-coding teams like sales and marketing can confidently build fan segments for personalized engagement, improved campaign accuracy, and maximized conversions.

Now, we’re making Helix even more powerful— integrate Helix with your CRM so that the best data is synced daily and available where you need it most.

What is it?

While developing Helix, we knew that consolidating data was just one part of the equation. Teams told us loud and clear that it was still hard to act on their fan data because the Golden Records didn’t connect to their CRM system. With so many platforms containing disparate bits of fan information, campaigns weren’t always targeted or accurate.  

Understanding this challenge, we added the capability to sync the clean and enriched data from Helix to your CRM system. Now, every Golden Record, tag, and attribute is in your CRM for easy access by your entire organization.

How Does It Work?

Golden Records represent the best information you have about an individual fan, pulled from multiple data sources. You can use the Audience Builder to select the Golden Records that have enough information to be useful and then sync them into your CRM. This creates or updates the CRM record for each individual fan, ensuring everyone in your organization has access to the best data. Helix will update the data in your CRM each night, so you always have the latest updates.

Syncing this data to your CRM also drives automation. With configurable and extensible mapping of any data point in your data warehouse onto a contact record, person account record, or custom CRM field, you can build automated customer journeys.

For example, you might sync ticket retention scores to your CRM and create an advanced journey mapping in your email marketing system. Then if a season ticket holder’s retention score drops below 30, a service case would be automatically generated for a ticketing service rep to contact that customer about renewing.

Why Does It Matter?

With the ability to sync nightly, your CRM is always populated with the most up-to-date and actionable data empowering sales and service reps to personalize customer interactions. The sync can also help automate marketing campaigns within your CRM. Once you input tags and attributes in Helix, the native automation in your CRM can create activities and opportunities as soon as that data is synced. For example, every time you add a tag to a fan’s profile indicating whether they have children or not, your CRM receives that information and automatically adds the fan to an existing email campaign. Now, every campaign you create in your CRM is accurate and targeted for improved fan engagement.

The Sync to CRM feature also automates previously manual tasks such as lead imports, opportunity creation and assignment, and customer journey actions (e.g., phone calls, emails, and texts), saving you time and freeing you to work on other priorities.

How Do I Get It?

This feature is now available for all Helix customers. Reach out to your Customer Success Manager for more information. If you don’t have Helix yet, request a free demo here.

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