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Everything you need to sell club seats, premium inventory, and suites from one cohesive system.

KORE Software Suites & Premium™

Premium service for your high-end customers

Whether you are selling Suites, Premium Seating, or PSLs, the complexities of the sale and the expectations of service far exceed the typical ticket purchase. KORE Suites & Premium covers all of these unique complexities, allowing you to work visually, understand available inventory against forecasts and pipelines, streamline the contracting process and offer truly personalized service.  Securing and retaining high-end client contracts has never been simpler.

View your corporate partner and fan relationships in one location

Maximize corporate partner and fan relationships for more effective sales. Connect your CRM to your Ticketing system to gain full visibility into your fan data and see those relationships side by side with your Corporate Partner relationships. Understand immediately if a fan is associated with a corporate partner and the nature of their relationship with your organization.

Manage your pipeline with full, real-time visibility

Never miss a thing in your sales pipeline. Real-time pipeline reports and forecasts give you up-to-the-minute information on deals won, lost, and in progress, and more. Create a more complete revenue picture and ensure that sales efforts are focused on the right priorities.

Manage your inventory in real time from an interactive seat map of your facility

Never look at another Excel spreadsheet to determine which locations or inventory are available. Visual “sell” screens let you choose locations from a color-coded map.

With EventConsole™, effectively project-manage the scheduling of arena events, tracking availability, sightlines, and share partner rotation rules with accuracy and ease
View all your ticketing and demographic data through built-in Tableau BI visualizations
The Visual Sightline tool provides an interactive map to establish sightlines and track when those sightlines are changed
Coordinate all of the steps in the approval process into an approval workflow, with real-time visibility into where you are in the process
Load Premium, Suites, and PSL inventory right into your CRM for visual inventory management, flexible reporting, and forecasting capabilities
Integrate with many popular accounting (ERP) systems for seamless coordination between sales and accounting

Ready to see the Suites & Premium Application In Action?

KORE Software's applications are powerful alone, but they're even better together

The Suites & Premium platform integrates will all our tools to enhance organizational transparency and efficiency.

KORE Sponsorship & Partner Engagement

KORE Ticketing & Fan Engagement

KORE Data Warehouse & Analytics

Manage your sponsorship sales, inventory, and activation efforts

On its own, Sponsorship & Partner Engagement is the industry’s most powerful tool to manage your corporate partnership efforts from top to bottom. And when you connect it to the other KORE Software applications, you’ll have an entirely new level of cross-department communication and transparency.

Leverage the insights from your fan and ticketing data to provide more value to your partners and better align your activation efforts. Plus, eliminate cross-selling mishaps by allowing the ticket sales team to view when a fan is associated with a partner brand, and much more.

Deepen your fan relationships and streamline your sales processes

Understanding your fans and knowing how to engage them deeper is the heartbeat of live entertainment. By connecting Ticketing & Fan Engagement to the other KORE Software applications you’ll gain a holistic view of your consumers to help drive sales.

With Ticketing & Fan Engagement you can connect your ticketing data directly to your CRM via API and keep a real-time pulse on all your outbound sales efforts. Slice and dice your consumer data to garner more ticket, premium and sponsorship sales.

Harness all your data, glean powerful insights, and put them into action directly from your CRM

Why attempt to eliminate silos by creating yet another silo? Free the power of your data by getting it all into one location and tying it directly to your sales platforms for powerful results.

By plugging Data Warehouse & Analytics into your other KORE Software applications you empower your sales teams to not only learn from your data, put take powerful action with the click of a button. No other warehouse solution can drive real results through action like ours.