Unlocking the Power of Data-Driven Sponsorship Workshops: 4 Ways to Leverage Market Intel on Global Football

In our data-driven world, partnerships are more powerful than ever before. If you work for a brand in the sports or partnership landscape it’s important to keep a pulse on understanding how to leverage data and find the insights you need quickly to make informed decisions about how to be a better partner.

But data can be overwhelming. How do you make sense of it all? That’s where data-driven sponsorship workshops come into play. In these sessions you can:

  1. Learn the state of a specific sport, or industry
  2. Find inspiration for partnership concepts
  3. See how industry experts and peers are tracking impactful data and insights that help you measure return on objectives (ROO) or even return on investment (ROI)
  4. Leave workshops with some strategic and tactical actions you can implement right away
The Latest on The State of Sport & Leagues

In KORE Market Intel workshops, you’ll meet industry peers and get an overview of the current landscape in the world of that sport—including leagues, teams, athletes and influencers—and gain an understanding of their impact. You will also learn about relevant events within each league and team that can be leveraged as potential partnership opportunities. Knowing this information can help you identify which league or team best aligns with your business goals, or how to improve the partnership.

Additionally, these workshops can help shed light on areas that have yet been explored or are ripe for partnering with your brand. For example: Are there any overlooked leagues or athletes who could use a sponsor like yours? What kind of impact do major tournaments have on fan engagement? Who is getting the most value, how? What are the latest trends in partnership data? These are the type questions that we will aim to answer through deep dives into the largest sponsorship dataset available.

Strategic & Tactical Actions

Data-driven sponsorship workshops also provide tangible strategies and tactics you can implement right away or plan for in the future. These strategies may include ideas inspired by content creation around partnership activations and ways your brand can actively support its partners through social media engagement efforts. From sponsoring unique giveaways at pop-up locations or in the metaverse, to creating “watch parties” involving virtual or in-person games for families or groups of fans for live events. Additionally, these workshops may provide tactical ideas about how best to support partners on social activations through specific keyword, visual or video strategies.  

Upcoming KORE Market Intel Workshop: Global Football

With the exciting wrap of the worlds’ biggest global football tournament we’re already busy preparing key insights from it. Here’s a snapshot of Louis Vuitton, the impressive brand sponsor that took nearly 9% of the total promotional value across the tournament (as of Friday, Dec. 16 2022). That’s 146x and 95x more value per post than the usual suspects.

Join KORE’s market intel workshop as brand leaders and sponsorship experts in the space discuss key insights and thought leadership around the state of, and impact of global football. Space is limited due smaller, collaborative nature of these sessions.

Choose from: Thursday, January 12th 11am EST or Tuesday, January 17th 1pm EST

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Partnership Optimization Activation Engagement Starts Here.

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