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Strengthen collaboration when key partnership information is aggregated into a single source of truth.
Strengthen collaboration when key partnership information is aggregated into a single source of truth.
Centralize Every Partnership
Centralize Every Partnership

Are you facing roadblocks & overlooking revenue opportunties due to lack of partnership visibility?

Answer basic sponsorship questions - like who are our partners and how much do they spend with us - with Portfolio, a single-source platform for managing all your partnership needs in one place.

Gain Portfolio Visibility

Improve decision-making and future sponsorship revenue with an essential overview of every partnership.

Boost Performance

Easily manage and track partnership details in one spot to inform savvy strategy decisions that boost performance.

Hit Business Targets
Understand how every partnership is performing to ensure they renew and continue generating sponsorship revenue.

If you already have KORE's Sponsorship platform, you don't need Portfolio. Reach out to your Customer Success Manager for more info.

Value at Every Stage of the Partnership Lifecycle

Get the tools your team needs to optimize performance and maximize revenue with the most comprehensive platform of solutions.
Each module stands strong on its own, but greater, together than the sum of its parts.

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Aggregate key information about each partner – like spend, contact details, and objectives - into a secure, single source of truth.


Explore global and competitor benchmarks, best practices, and market intel and apply them to your partnership strategy to optimize performance.


Accept, review, score, and act on partnership proposals that support your unique business objectives and improve partnership revenue. 


Make partnership assets and activation metrics easily accessible and trackable from one spot to improve collaboration and performance.

Evaluate Social

Measure, optimize, and report on your social media activation strategies in near-time to maximize value delivered to partners. 

Evaluate Omni

Drive more valuable partnerships by collecting the data you need to assess performance against key metrics and quantify ROI.

Unify Partnership Details

Portfolio acts as a lightweight CRM and stores key information about your partnerships including Deal Terms, Contact Details, and Categorization.
  • Stay organized with every detail in one place.

  • See a quick breakdown of your entire portfolio.


View Allocation Insights & Dashboards

Make better business decisions with a new comprehensive way of viewing your portfolio, allocations, and activation insights.

Integrate External Data

Go a step further and add data you don’t have, like social data, to get an even more holistic view of the value you provide. 

  • Reliably view your social metrics in near-time.

  • Ensure you're providing value by staying on top of performance.


Capture Objectives & Key Results

Determine partnership objectives and use key performance indicators to proactively measure and demonstrate progress and performance.

KORE Planning and Insights (KPI)

The Best Team of Engagement Experts

When you leverage KORE’s team of expert consultants, you will get exclusive industry insights, trends and best-practices to help your brand unlock its full potential.

Partnership Optimization Activation Engagement Starts Here.

Partnership Optimization Activation Engagement Starts Here.

Let's talk about how your team can gain exceptional value from KORE's deep and connected ecosystem.