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KORE Software Sponsorship & Partner Engagement™

The industry’s most powerful tool to help you manage sponsorship and partner activity from end to end.

Manage sponsorship sales, inventory, activation, and brand-to-property communication from one interface

Give your sponsorship sales and activation efforts true revenue-maximizing power. With the industry’s most sophisticated and intuitive inventory tracking capabilities, your team can assemble deals, build contracts, and track execution from a single interface. Help ensure transparency and accountability across the organization and harness real-time sales data to accelerate your pipeline.

Track your inventory and manage your deal pipeline in real-time

Never again second guess where a deal is in the lifecycle. The KORE Software Deal Wizard™ walks you through each sale from initial engagement to proposal to inventory selection to contracting, all while navigating you through a streamlined workflow process designed specifically for your organization. The Wizard also provides live inventory availability and is the first step in a closed loop system that maintains data integrity and accountability.

Activate your deals, maximize collaboration, and improve communication with your partners

Don’t let deliverables fall through the cracks. Our KORE KONNECT™ tool lets you sync up timelines, content, and other deliverables between your partners and your fulfillment teams. KONNECT™ keeps all parties in the loop and increases accountability and efficiency by providing a real-time communication portal, which displays fulfillment needs and details.

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Access fundamental sales and activation reports and go deep with advanced analytics

From basic pipeline reporting to advanced analytics into partner, inventory and financial metrics you will always have the intelligence to make the best decisions. Our seamless integration with Tableau BI provides you the best tool out there to manage your business and dive deeper into your data.

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Compare actual and desired rate cards in real time with rate card analysis and reporting
View all of your sales, activation, and pipeline data through built-in Tableau BI visualizations
See what inventory you have available and what’s in use or being pitched with inventory tracking
Go from analysis to proposal building to contract and billing to deal tracking all in one streamlined DealWizard™
Manage the scheduling and execution of sponsorship assets with the visual ServiceConsole™
Integrate with many popular accounting (ERP) systems for seamless coordination between sales and accounting

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KORE Software's applications are powerful alone, but they're even better together

Ticketing & Fan Engagement platform integrates will all our tools to enhance organizational transparency and efficiency.

KORE Ticketing & Fan Engagement

KORE Suites & Premium

KORE Data Warehouse & Analytics

Deepen your fan relationships and streamline your sales processes

Understanding your fans and knowing how to engage them deeper is the heartbeat of live entertainment. By connecting Ticketing & Fan Engagement to the other KORE Software applications you’ll gain a holistic view of your consumers to help drive sales.

With Ticketing & Fan Engagement you can connect your ticketing data directly to your CRM via API and keep a real-time pulse on all your outbound sales efforts. Slice and dice your consumer data to garner more ticket, premium and sponsorship sales.

Manage your suites, premium inventory sales, and VIP relationships

Premium sales operations lie somewhere between your ticket sales and sponsorship sales. For the one division that requires the ability to track both fan and corporate partner relationships while managing club seats or suites inventory, there is our Suites & Premium application.

Understand the full scope of your fan and partner engagement by connecting Suites & Premium to our Ticketing & Fan Engagement application and our Sponsorship & Partner Engagement application. Utilize an interactive seat map to track your inventory availability while enjoying the same deal creation and contract management tools used in our sponsorship platform.

Harness all your data, glean powerful insights, and put them into action directly from your CRM

Why attempt to eliminate silos by creating yet another silo? Free the power of your data by getting it all into one location and tying it directly to your sales platforms for powerful results.

By plugging Data Warehouse & Analytics into your other KORE Software applications you empower your sales teams to not only learn from your data, put take powerful action with the click of a button. No other warehouse solution can drive real results through action like ours.