Understanding All Aspects of Sponsorship Value: How to Identify and Quantify Your Investment for Maximum Impact

Finishing up the final quarter of the calendar year serves as an ideal time for introspection regarding your organization’s goals and the strategies around sponsorships. It’s important to identify what worked this past year, what didn’t and what changes to make to set up a strong 2024. If you aim to enhance your sponsorship returns, you first need to ensure you’re leveraging the right tools. Let’s delve deeper into maximizing your partnerships next year. 

1. Sponsorship Objective Setting: Tailored Strategies for Concrete Outcomes 

Brands, inherently diverse, harbor distinct goals. Pinpointing these goals is paramount. For instance, a well-known bank that may be aiming to augment revenue from well-established MLB partnerships could be at a crossroads initially. However, a roadmap of clear objectives identified can help hit targets. Here’s how you can forge ahead.  

PRO TIPS: Objectives should always be tangible, be achievable, and encapsulate a definitive timeframe. [How to Define & Measure Your Brand’s Partnership Objectives in 3 Steps 

2. Adopt a Single, Secure Information Source 

A unified platform that combines data, insights, and communications instills transparency. This centralized system facilitates enhanced communication, collaboration, and consequently, results. Real-time insights breathe life into partnerships, making the journey more dynamic and responsive [Sponsorship & Fan Data is Overwhelming: How to Support Dynamic Partnerships]. 

3. Boost Brand Value & Secure Financial Support 

A central data hub simplifies the task of justifying budgets for sponsorships. When stakeholders witness tangible outcomes, they’re going to invest more. With KORE’s Portfolio Optimization Platform, teams are equipped with the arsenal to propel value, aligning with both organizational and partners’ visions.

4. Cultivating a Competitive Edge 

In the fluid landscape of sponsorships, data-driven insights are the compass. For instance, if you’ve invested in an action sport league that is a star performer in terms of value but lacks social media traction data can help guide your partner. Social insights, when probed deeper, can reshape activation strategies across diverse sports segments, making them more fruitful. Read highlights from the 2022 Global Football Market Intel Recap for insightful social analysis that can redefine a brand’s biggest moments such as the Louis Vuitton campaign in the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Navigating the vast sea of data, optimizing it, and aligning it with each partnership molds your competitive silhouette. Cohesive team endeavors, underpinned by strategic decisions, amplify ROI or ROO, cementing long-term success.

Successful Sponsorship Evaluation Examples 

KORE has been instrumental in aiding various brands and teams in optimizing their sponsorship value. Let’s delve into a couple of case studies from KORE that emphasize its effectiveness in the industry: 

1. McLaren Formula 1 Team 

The McLaren Formula 1 Team faced challenges as sponsorship revenues were growing across the series. To keep pace with top-tier teams, McLaren required innovative strategies to boost their revenues. Utilizing KORE’s Evaluate Social insights and tools, the McLaren Formula 1 Team was able to pinpoint areas for revenue growth and solidify its position among the top teams in the series [McLaren Formula 1 Team Case Study]. 

2. Vans 

The footwear and apparel brand, Vans, sought to quantify the return on investment (ROI) from their sponsorships. With KORE’a Evaluate Social (formerly Hookit), Vans was able to demonstrate a whopping $13M in earned media value, generated through the interactions of athletes, fans, and media. This case showcases the potential of KORE Software in helping brands capture the tangible value of their sponsorship endeavors [Vans Case Study]. 

These examples underline KORE’s pivotal role in offering brands and teams data-driven insights, optimizing sponsorship strategies, and ensuring maximized returns on their investments. 

KORE remains at the forefront, offering a plethora of solutions tailored to nurture profound fan relationships and optimize partnerships. Whether it’s CRM integration, sales software, or media value quantification, KORE ensures adaptive tools for evolving brand needs. 

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