Ep 105 – Inside Sponsorship – The Importance of Storytelling in Sponsorship

This episode is born from KORE Software’s 2019 free whitepaper, Storytelling in Sponsorship: The importance of storytelling in selling, reporting, and activating partnerships in sports and entertainment.

Storytelling drives our lives. A myriad of new OTT broadcasters, the rise in popularity of Instagram and Facebook Stories, TikTok and YouTube’s increasingly influential stars, and a multitude of news sources where the dilemma of credibility and authority are changing the ways information is shared, all impacting our everyday.

Stories are at the heart of this new world of information sharing. For what is the foreseeable future, they will continue to shape relationships, understanding, and behaviors.

In this episode, we want to shine a light on how both brands and rights holders can utilize storytelling to their advantage, across the whole lifecycle of their partnerships. In a world of instantaneous conversation and differentiation, expectations of audiences as well as clients have changed. In this episode, we look at the three most important aspects of the partner relationship; selling, activating, and reporting.

To help us explain best practice in storytelling, we’ve pulled together insights from around the world of sponsorship, with help from some of the biggest and most influential national and international brands and rights holders, including HSBC, the Golden State Warriors, and the British Olympic Association.

We explore how brands and rights holders can survive and thrive in this new, evolving world of storytelling. Today, it’s vital to understand how both can find that mutual area of understanding and value creation; what are the key differentiators of the relationship, where can value be added and importantly, how can storytelling help them to achieve this. Whilst branded content and sponsorship have always allowed brands to become a more intrinsic part of fan and audience engagement, as audiences become tech-savvy ad blockers, and the advertising and media landscape continues to shift, sponsorship will become an even more important vehicle in the years to come.

You can download a copy of the whitepaper here.

We also welcome Leo Baudino, Product Marketing & Communications Manager at KORE Software who joins us to discuss her latest blog, 4 Essential Steps to Selecting the Right Partnerships.


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Partnership Optimization Activation Engagement Starts Here.

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