Ep 106 – Inside Sponsorship – Inside Esports Sponsorship with Patrick Collins from LeapFox

Esports is no longer a sector that we can look at and say, “Let’s just wait and see how it plays out”.

Reports from Newzoo and Juniper Research last year show that the global Esports audience grew to 474 million in 2021, with revenues from competitive gaming just shy of US$1.1 billion. The growth of Esport’s audience represents year-on-year growth of 8.7 percent.

To be classed as part of the 474 million Esports audience, you had to watch competitive gaming more than once a month. The audience is expected to continue to grow with a compound annual growth rate of 7.7 percent which will see it rise 577.2 million people in 2024.

The US$1.1 billion in revenue is a 14.5 percent increase on the US$947.1 million from 2020. Of the 2021 US$1.1 billion revenue figure, US$833.6 million will come from media rights and sponsorship. That’s 76% of total revenue.

Significant seems the common thread here. Significant audience growth. Significant revenue growth. Media rights and sponsorship contributing a significant percentage to total revenue.

Brands are noticing and teams and players have realised their position or power.
Patrick Collins joins the show and takes us inside Esports sponsorship. Patrick has a long history in sport having worked on the agency and rights holders side and, most recently, as Head of Partnerships at Excel Esports.

Patrick has recently launched his own Esports agency; LeapFox. You can also connect with Patrick on LinkedIn.


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