Ep 122 – Inside Sponsorship at Las Vegas Raiders – Christian Howard

Founded in 1960 and originally based in Oakland, California, the Raiders are a brand recognised right across the world, a brand that has found its way into popular culture.

The Raiders, however, now reside in Las Vegas where there are a little under 3 million residents. Around 43 million people, however, visit Vegas each year, essentially to a four-mile stretch.

It’s an interesting proposition as you would assume brands aren’t really interested in sponsoring the Raiders because of the population of Las Vegas. So, where do the Raiders focus and what is the uniqueness that they can offer brands?

To help answer that question, and others, and take us inside sponsorship at the Raiders, is Christian Howard, Vice President of Corporate Partnerships.

Christian spent 24 years at the LA Clippers initially working his way up from being a ticket sales rep to SVP Marketing Partnerships and Broadcasting. Christian moved to the Raiders in 2016, which was a year before NFL team owners voted, nearly unanimously, to approve the Raiders application to relocate from Oakland to Las Vegas.

While success in Las Vegas has initially been strong, the Raiders aren’t a franchise to rest on their laurels. In fact, they’ve set themselves a goal of achieving US$100 million in sponsorship revenue.

Clearly, that’s not a small feat and a driving force toward that goal is Christian.

You can connect with Christian on LinkedIn and follow more at raiders.com

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