Ep 5 – Breaking Down 2021 & Bold Predictions for 2022

‘21 was basically a year of recovery from the events of 2020.

The sports and live entertainment industries basically shut down during the pandemic, but are now making a comeback.

Going from zero fans in the stand back to full cap presented some unique challenges. 

On today’s episode, we have 3 fan engagement experts from KORE Software to help us make sense of this year and look forward to 2022:

As Noelle points out, teams worked closely with local governments to develop COVID-safe strategies.

Many venues require vaccine cards for entry, offering an atmosphere of normality once inside.

A major hurdle during ‘21 was all of the conflicting information about the virus.

Sohil encourages industry leaders to find one single source of truth. 

🌟 If venues align to that North Star, fans will be able to have more freedom. 

Euro teams are using apps and QR codes to make vax clearance more efficient. 

Fans are embracing new technology to get frictionless interactions while still enjoying the game day experience. 

What else does 2022 hold for teams, venues, and fans? Click the link below for the full episode! 🎧

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