Ep 97 – Inside Creativity in Sponsorship – Misha Sher – MediaCom

In a world where traditional reach and attention are diminishing, brands are looking for cut-through and engagement to drive relevance and ultimately accelerate their growth.

Through sponsorship, rights holders help brands access an audience they would otherwise find it hard to access or would not be able to access as cost-effectively.

However, we all know that being a sponsor and simply logo slapping is no longer enough; it hasn’t been for a while.

That is why creative in sponsorship is one area where brands can really activate their sponsorships to achieve cut-through & engagement to drive relevance & growth.

What is, however, the process of creative in sponsorship? What part can it play in activation? How can brands and rights holders bring it to life? What are the pitfalls along the way?

Joining the show, to help answer those questions is Misha Sher, Global Head of Sport, Entertainment & Culture at MediaCom, based in London.

You can connect with Misha on LinkedIn and learn more about MediaCom’s Creative Systems here.

Also joining the show is Jordan Rutner, Research Marketing Manager at KORE Software, to talk about one of KORE’s latest blogs, Building a Sustainable Sponsorship Department.

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Partnership Optimization Activation Engagement Starts Here.

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