Boasting an average attendance of over 20,000 per game, MLS has the third-highest average attendance of any sports league in the U.S., after the NFL and MLB, and is the seventh-highest attended professional soccer league worldwide. MLS currently has 28 teams which makes it the largest first-division professional soccer league in the world.

There is no doubt MLS is a powerful and attractive league. That’s why it wasn’t all that surprising that, in 2006, it was announced that Austrian energy drink conglomerate Red Bull had purchased the club. Of course, as part of the sponsorship that came with ownership, the team was completely re-branded, changing the name to New York Red Bulls which included new colours and a new logo.

An energy drink company is not the conventional owner of a sports franchise, however, slowly but surely Red Bull has made inroads into an array of sports. In fact, Red Bull’s rise in sport has been astronomical and they now have an invested interest in over 15 sports teams across 11 sports with a major focus on football/soccer and motorsports but also Ice Hockey, Sailing, Skateboarding, and Surfing.

To take us into one of those teams, New York Red Bulls, is Jordan Iannuzzi, Senior Manager, Corporate Partnerships. Jordan is able to offer not just a great property in New York, but also access to a truly powerful global network, to brands.

You can connect with Jordan on LinkedIn and follow New York Red Bulls here.


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