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Scoring Sponsorships: Metrics to Maximize Brand Value

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SSAC19 :Getting WISE with Analytics

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SSAC19: Learfield 365 – A Case Study in Sponsorship Analytics

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Storytelling in Sponsorship

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7 Steps to Building a Successful BI Department


SSAC14: Launching a Career in Sports


SSAC15: What’s Your Game Plan?


SSAC17: Beyond the Seat – Future of the Ticketing Marketplace


SSAC18: Monetize and Measure Social Media Assets

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SSAC18: Ticketing Analytics

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Case Study – Atlanta Braves

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Data-Driven Decision Making: Sport and the Digital Revolution



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FC Barcelona Takes Their Global Brand Across the World with KORE Software


Customer Insights Webinar – Evolving Your Technology Stack

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8 Tips on Using Data to Activate in Today’s Sports Sponsorship Climate

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Why Data Warehousing is Crucial to the Evolution of the Fan Experience


11 Tips for Mastering the Use of Your CRM for Sales and Sponsorship


Sync Magazine Article: Inside the Hornets’ Nest with Vice president of business intelligence at the Charlotte Hornets, Chris Zeppenfeld


Deck: Data Warehousing in Action – Spurring Collaboration and Efficiency with the San Antonio Spurs


Customer Insights Webinar – Data Warehousing in Action: Spurring Collaboration & Efficiency with the San Antonio Spurs


Tip Sheet: 6 Tips to Building Your Dream Team For Data and Analytics


Side by Side Comparison: Build your own system vs. buying a pre-built system

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Sports Geek Podcast: Incorporating Data into Sports Strategy


Tao of Sports Ep. 347


Tao of Sports Ep. 616

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SSAC16: The Business of Sports

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SSAC16: The Role of CRM in a Team’s Ecosystem

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SSAC13: The Value of Sports Sponsorship: Analytics & Impact

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SSAC17: The Confluence of Warehousing, Visualization and CRM

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SSAC13: Data Mining and Analytics: Turning Insight into Action using CRM

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How to Drive CRM Adoption Through Effective User Training


Insights Webinar – Renewal Strategy

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Customer Insights Webinar: Mastering CRM for Sports Sales and Sponsorship

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Customer Insights Webinar: Touchpoint Strategy and Reporting

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Customer Insights Webinar: Evolution of Lead Scoring

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Customer Insights Webinar: Building Your Data and Analytics Dream Team

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Whitepaper: Tips for Getting Your Staff To Collect and Utilize Important Relationship Data

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Golden State Warriors – You Can’t Shoot Three Pointers Until You Can Make a Layup

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Whitepaper: Boosting the Success of Your Renewal Campaigns

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How LAFC Built Their Sponsorship and Ticket Sales Organization from the Ground Up with Help from KORE Software

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The Oklahoma City Thunder Build a Cohesive CRM and Data Warehousing Ecosystem with KORE Software

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The Charlotte Hornets Pump Life Back into a Dormant CRM System

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Los Angeles Rams Invest In Their Fan Relationships by Investing in KORE Software

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